Benjamin Tod of Lost Dog Street Band – Hungry For You Blues

I can’t speak highly enough of Lost Dog Street Band. They’re pure, simple Americana and I am such a sucker for it. I have never heard a studio recording of any of their songs, everything I have found on them is a taped performance, and honestly I want to keep that way. What makes them great is how raw and honest they are, and I’m afraid I might hear that get watered down. Definitely recommend watching everything they have, love love loooove them.

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Olivia O’Brien – Empty

So the lyrics aren’t anything that hasn’t been said or heard before, but they’re straightforward and honest, and that is something to be appreciated. It’s also always refreshing to me to hear depression discussed in a pop song. Take Marina and the Diamonds or Melanie Martinez, for instance. What makes them so great is that they take a genre that should be easy to digest because it just hits your ears the right way, but their lyrics have some pretty heavy emotion behind them. I hadn’t heard much from Olivia O’Brien before, but from what I had heard, it was all fairly bubblegum (in a good way), but I would love to see more like this new track for sure.

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Charlotte OC – Darkest Hour (Live Sofar London)

This is simply stunning. Lyrics, vocals, presence. I’m all about this, forreal. She starts off so soft and steady, and the buildup to that booming finish is so powerful. The studio version is worth a listen as well, but it definitely can’t beat this performance. The channel I found this on has some other pretty impressive performers and from the titles, it seems the channel’s aim is to capture performances from all over the world. I dig. Check out some of my favorites below:

Snakehips, MØ – Don’t Leave

A moody female vocalist plus a bass-heavy beat is hardly an original formula, but seriously, who can resist it? Sleepy and melodic, this collaboration track is an excellent addition to any headphones-in-bed-because-I’m-heartbroken playlist.

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