I made it a point not to make any resolutions this year.

The surest way to make sure I don’t accomplish something is to make it a resolution, so this year I decided I would keep it real and know that I will have my good days and bad days. There will be days where I crack down and read a chapter of that book I’ve been meaning to get to, or there will be days where I fall short and skip that workout I promised I would try. I don’t need that extra pressure on myself to change my habits and mental state by a certain day and then end up disappointed in myself when I fail because of some promise I made according to some arbitrary schedule.

So it’s kind of funny that on another day that has some meaningless and bizarre tradition tied to it, a tradition that dictates that no endeavor should succeed that day, I realize that I have actually checked off quite a few resolutions made from many a yesteryear.

This week I tried a spin class with my co-workers despite being afraid of physical activity, wearing a ponytail, and social interaction. Today, I came home from work and instead of Netflix browsing, I followed not one but two workout routine videos to push myself more than just once this week. Then I put away laundry, made a dinner from a new recipe I found, and I am writing about my experience on my new blog that I have actually maintained past two posts. AND! And – I finished this all just in time to squeeze in an hour or two of reading before going to sleep.

I know it may be a little early to be giving myself so much credit…but I feel like Wonder Woman. I am energetic and motivated, and I want everyday to feel this active and creatively charged. It’s not a resolution, but it’s a hope: a hope that I can be this inspired and feel this capable for at least one moment everyday.

Okay, so maybe that’s getting pretty close to being a resolution. But I think it’s different enough that this time, I may just get it right.

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